the objects of this project are found in urban spaces. these sculptures - readymades - archaeological findings not only entwine different objects that might otherwise not be linked with each other, but they also show man’s conscious or unconscious shaping of his invironment. some elements of these sculptures are installed in the cityscape for technical, safety or planning purposes. some relate to advertising or political issues. in any case if they have been altered, painted, sprayed, broken or destroyed or something was added.

after having consciously chosen the perspective and envisaged the object, all that remains to be done is to free it from its undesired surroundings. this, on one hand, changes the function and existential reason of the sculpture and on the other hand, it also triggers a „making visible“, an emancipation from the unmanageable thicket of the urban.

this project is part of a photographic dialogue with photographer michael frank's series "form follows function".

johannes rigal

(urban) photography

© johannes rigal / 2017

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photography and the urban – a complicated relationship. how can you possibly document the craziness, hardship, happiness, vibrantness, and all the other things that any modern metropolis is by „just“ taking pictures? 

it is this impossible task that has made me a passionate urban photographer, always trying to find a way to portray the urban fabric, the urban dynamics and most importantly the individuals that shape these vibrant and somehow impossible yet contemporary places.

this website aims to illustrate my journey: urban photography projects that try to illustrate the urban. these projects with and within the city include: object photography, portraits, (urban) landscapes, architecture, art.

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