panorama photography is an increasingly liked feature of modern digital cameras and smartphones. they allow the simple panning of vistas while the camera automatically records images and stitches them to create a seamless panoramic image.
using the panorama mode on a digital camera makes it possible to record sequences of images where stitching does not work perfectly. to achieve this, the photographer has to move at a certain speed or move the camera in a special way, thus performing and no longer simply photographing. the city then becomes a staged scenery with canvas and props. the final images show these sceneries with cracks and rifts – shifting what we percieve as the urban reality and disturbing the urban fabric. (click on image to see full size panorama!)

johannes rigal

(urban) photography

© johannes rigal / 2017

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photography and the urban – a complicated relationship. how can you possibly document the craziness, hardship, happiness, vibrantness, and all the other things that any modern metropolis is by „just“ taking pictures? 

it is this impossible task that has made me a passionate urban photographer, always trying to find a way to portray the urban fabric, the urban dynamics and most importantly the individuals that shape these vibrant and somehow impossible yet contemporary places.

this website aims to illustrate my journey: urban photography projects that try to illustrate the urban. these projects with and within the city include: object photography, portraits, (urban) landscapes, architecture, art.