early on in my photographic career, I had the opportunity to tutor and teach in various arts & photography projects.

i was able to expand this even further so that teaching photographic practice, theory and various aspects related to it.

starting out in adult education in vienna and in art projects in austria, I was able to continue my tutoring and teaching work in london and now in berlin - with adults, young people and children.

working with various partners and for institutions such as adult education centers (VHS) and schools as well as a private trainer, I aim to enhance people's (and children's) awareness for all issues photographic and image related. this happens either through theoretic sessions and courses on the image, curating and the development of visual stories and essays or through practice-based workshops in digital and analog photography as well as image editing.

i will present outcomes and current workshops on my blog "words" and post images as well as dates.

johannes rigal

(urban) photography

© johannes rigal / 2017

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photography and the urban – a complicated relationship. how can you possibly document the craziness, hardship, happiness, vibrantness, and all the other things that any modern metropolis is by „just“ taking pictures? 

it is this impossible task that has made me a passionate urban photographer, always trying to find a way to portray the urban fabric, the urban dynamics and most importantly the individuals that shape these vibrant and somehow impossible yet contemporary places.

this website aims to illustrate my journey: urban photography projects that try to illustrate the urban. these projects with and within the city include: object photography, portraits, (urban) landscapes, architecture, art.